E-learning platform for CBSE courses
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Intelligent learning solution for students of CBSE classes 6 to 12. It provides online & offline animated video classes, study material, solved board papers, NCERT solutions, etc.

LearnNext is the front product from Helix Technology Solutions, an e-learning platform for CBSE courses (CBSE is an important educational institution in India).
As in any other e-learning program, you need to register an account, specifying your personal info and a 'grade', VI to X are available. After a short e-mail validation process, you are ready to go. This is a client program, which connects to the LearnNext server in order to retrieve the course contents (at the first run) to start right away, therefore the first time you need to be patient since the content files are about 50-60 MB. Such client was built on Flash technologies, so you will enjoy an extremely attractive and pleasant GUI, as well as the general visual design. Lessons are spoken and subtitled too.

Note that you don't need to pay for using this program, however it only lets you to select a couple of chapters from any course (they are about 15 chapters in each course, with a couple of lessons by chapter). Fortunately, if you pay a cheap subscription fee (per course and per academic year), it's possible to get access to the rest of the chapters.

Review summary


  • Very nice GUI and design!
  • Extra modules are available for a low price


  • Alt-gr key not working when logging in (for the @ character). Shift+2 does the trick though
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